Grow Your Business Through Our Focused Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media has over 4.6 billion active users

On average, an individual spends about 147 minutes a day on social media

About 54% B2B marketers agree they generated leads from social media

Every week, around 645 million people chance a look at the local businesses pages on Facebook.

Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Social media is present, thriving and relevant and we know how to do it in one of the best ways possible. We are one of the best social media marketing agencies in Delhi, with our clientele ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprises.

We are experts in managing social media, managing social listening and response, managing Google ads, and providing a range of other services. Our major objective is to assist businesses in maximizing revenue by leveraging sales conversions and attracting people who are prepared to make a purchase to your brand utilizing tested social media marketing techniques.

The greatest and simplest way to connect with your target audience and begin a two-way dialogue is through social media platforms. As the leading social media marketing firm in Delhi, we have the experience, know-how, and resources to develop the best approach for helping you keep your consumers by regularly giving them useful and relevant material.

You need to be present on social media, where there are more than 3 billion active users, to promote your business. These platforms have a lot of potential for contacts and material to spread virally. As a well-known social media marketing company in Delhi-NCR, OTB Strategy will give you carefully planned and targeted solutions to harness this "Viral Power" for your company.

We continuously change our social media marketing techniques to keep up with the changing social media trends after testing them on various networks.

Why Social Media is Important for Business?

Unlike the past, social media is not optional anymore. Social media marketing platforms are major marketing tools for businesses which can help them to grow. Social media is a cohesive tool which holds together and powers your digital marketing efforts. It also helps in empowering your SEO practices, drives leads to your website, drives conversions and enhances conversion rates.


Here are some statistics to make you understand these claims a little better:

74% Facebook users agree that they check their Facebook accounts everyday.


There are 28% more chances of users watching twitter ads as compared to other social platforms


90% Instagram users agree to following at least one brand on IG, which translates to instagram users interested in following and interacting with the brands they like


66% Facebook users say that they follow or like a brand on the platform.


90 million users on LinkedIn are senior-level influencers whereas 63 million of them are in decision making position


77% twitter users have agreed that they feel more positive about a brand when they reply to their tweets.


89% digital marketers affirm that Instagram has been an effective platform for social media marketing


74% Pinterest users agree to making purchasing decisions based on the brand content they saw on Pinterest

Drive Results with the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

You've come to the perfect place if you're looking to use social media marketing services to generate results. You can work with the team of seasoned experts at OTB Strategy to get the outcomes you want. We can assist you in making the most of social media marketing, from creating a social media strategy to implementing campaigns and evaluating results.

It's About Influence Not Popularity

Many people believe incorrectly that the more friends or followers they have on social media, the more influential they are. However, it's not about the numbers; rather, engagement rates and communication between you, as a unique user of these platforms, and those that follow or friend us back, matter the most.

When the client noticed a significant increase in likes and comments on his posts after working with OTB Strategy, OTB believes this worked in our client's favor, demonstrating once more why developing strong relationships through meaningful conversations will always yield better results than simply posting random things or products online without any consideration whatsoever for how others may feel.

OTB Strategy may assist you in forging a close bond with your followers by helping you produce worthwhile content and engage with your audience.

Why OTB Strategy is the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi?

OTB Strategy is the best social media marketing agency in Delhi. Here is a set of process we follow:

Identifying your target audience

We need to know everything we can about your current clientele, first and foremost. This includes their behaviors and online interests, both in social media and elsewhere. This information will help guide our strategy for luring in new clients or customers.

Figure out the correct approach

After figuring out who is your target audience and what they respond to, the next step is to identify how to effectively communicate with them. Figuring out what they respond to and what they don’t respond to will be an effective pillar in identifying future marketing ideas as well.

Scaling your campaign

After figuring out what actually works for your target audience, the next step will be to scale the campaign in the right direction to gain maximum results. After identifying your target audience, we join the related groups on different social media platforms and post in them.

Ads and Campaign Testing

Another essential component of getting social media right is testing and retesting the ads running on different platforms. If one of the ads is working better than the others, we take note and repackage it with a few modifications to make it look better for improved performance.

Our Social Media Marketing Services


Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is a social media platform widely used as a marketing tool by multiple businesses ranging from small to large enterprises. At OTB Strategy, we can assist you in developing and implementing a campaign that will enable your content to reach more people than ever while also expanding the business in ways you never imagined possible! We can assist you in developing and implementing a fruitful Facebook marketing plan as we have years of experience in the field.


Instagram Marketing Agency

Everyone knows about Instagram, and everyone knows how it is one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing. You can advance your personal or company (@name) account with OTB's successful and cost-effective Instagram management services. You will be able to keep an eye on posts and manage sponsored advertising campaigns that are likely to pique people's interest in what's happening in your specialized area! OTB Strategy is skilled at ensuring that it is constantly working for you rather than against you.


Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter is a potent tool that may aid in the expansion of companies of all sizes. OTB Strategy provides services like assistance in the increase of follow and audience expansion to help you make the most of your account. Through Twitter, we can help you gain more followers, connect with more of your target market, raise brand awareness, and increase conversion rates.


LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for connecting with potential customers, but since the majority of users only share links and hope for the best, your chances of success are slim. Here's where the knowledgeable marketers at OTB Strategy step in! Without any help from me, OTB specializes in LinkedIn campaigns so that your company can grow through targeted advertising. We are always on the alert and prepared for combat. We can advance your LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns with the help of our skilled marketers.

What is Included in our Social Media Marketing Services?

Comprehensive campaign planning, content creation and delivery, as well as thorough reporting and analysis, are all part of our offerings. On the basis of the unique requirements and objectives of our clients, we also provide tailor-made services for the same.

01 Competitor Analysis

It's crucial to monitor your competitors when it comes to social media marketing. You may achieve it with the aid of OTB Strategy's knowledgeable staff. We'll research your competitors and determine their advantages and disadvantages in order to create a plan that outperforms them.

02 Organic Campaigns

Organic social campaigns are among the most significant services that OTB Strategy provides. We develop thorough strategies that aid companies in achieving their targeted outcomes on social media. We offer a variety of services, such as campaign planning, content creation and distribution, thorough reporting, and analysis for organic campaigns.

03 Paid Campaigns

Paid social media marketing campaigns are a successful technique to promote your website or company. At OTB Strategy, we can assist you in developing and managing fruitful paid social media programmes that are backed by solid data. We have a great deal of experience designing and running campaigns on the majority of social media sites.

04 Social Campaigns Tracking

Your stats are based on your social media goals. Your measurements will establish what your objectives are. To determine whether the social approach is effective, you need a linked measure for each goal. We monitor and enhance audience size, participation rates, click-through rates, and ROI.

05 Monitoring & Managing Social Reputation

To assist businesses in managing and keeping an eye on their online reputation, OTB Strategy provides a variety of social media marketing services. Reputation management, social media monitoring, and crisis management are among the offered services.

06 Website Integration

For greater social media integration, we can design an optional website social feed, assist with social widget installation, and add social sharing buttons.

How is OTB Strategy different from other Social Media Marketing Companies in Delhi NCR?

Organic social campaigns are among the most significant services that OTB Strategy provides. We develop thorough strategies that aid companies in achieving their targeted outcomes on social media. We offer a variety of services, such as campaign planning, content creation and distribution, thorough reporting, and analysis for organic campaigns.

Increase in revenue by building customer networks and advertising

Increase market reach to the next level like international marketplaces, etc.

Reducing marketing costs and conducting thorough market research

Get customer feedback, attract customers, leads and build customer loyalty

Assistance in brand strategy and to develop your brand through social media

Benefits of Hiring our Social Media Marketing Services in Delhi

Increase in Sales

The lead-to-close ratio of social media is higher than that of any other kind of marketing, according to research. There will be more chances for your business to win over prospective customers.

Boost in Brand Loyalty

Contacting customers regularly or starting a relationship with them is essential for brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Measuring Success through Analytics

Analytics tools track user activity on your website. For instance, how many visitors there are, how many pages they view, how long they stay on each page, whose pages they visit, and whether they arrived via a link - all of this is measured through analytics.

Boost in Brand Loyalty

Contacting customers regularly or starting a relationship with them is essential for brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

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